Art work to the max today in the shop!

in #art6 months ago

It has been a beautiful day in the shop today. I have had the ability to pump out numerous art projects for our business. The first one is most likely my favorite and dear to my heart.

We had a client come in today and asked me if I could make a logo for her running business. Her mother passed away from cancer and she wanted to have a logo that represented running, Florida and her mother's name, Sharon. She, unfortunately didn't have anything else concrete to give me to work with, but based off that, I was able to come up with this logo:

I sent it to the client and she was ecstatic! Hopefully the logo will benefit her business and promote continued healing for her and her family.

The next project was a double banner for a new farming business. They don't have a logo but wanted to represent that they had produce for sale. So I first made this mockup for them to choose from. They chose black and white first:

They next decided they didn't like the image on the right side, so we switched it out for more of a photo that showcased vegetables.

Here was the banners being printed:

Next, and lastly, we had car wraps to be printed, so we printed both sides out, which were 12 inches tall X 87 inches long for the local radio station. Here's how they came out:

It's definitely a good day in the shop, pumping out artwork for all to see! Have a blessed day.