Field Trip: Mind Totally Blown at the Dallas Art Museum

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When traveling, The Scientist and I love checking out art museums both large and small. We happened to be in Dallas for the once-a-month event at the Dallas Art Museum where they stay open late (midnight!), so we were able to pack a bunch of art into a weekend that probably wouldn’t have allowed so much otherwise just because of timing and that sort of thing.

We spent over four hours in the Dallas Art Museum, which was enough time for us to see most of the general collection. We didn’t pay to see the special exhibits, although we did get to see the previous paid exhibition for free (I didn’t get any pictures, but it was a super cool exhibit on the history of cocktails and showcased a lot of beautiful shaker ware made by Tiffany & Co. among other fantastic artists.)

I didn’t want to focus my time in the museum on taking photographs of everything I saw including the notes, so this isn’t as complete as some of my trips have been. However, I hope it inspires you nonetheless, and if you’re around Dallas, I highly recommend this museum. It was surprising in all the best ways.

Everything’s bigger in Texas.

It’s true.

Dallas Art Museum


I was first surprised at the amount of artifacts in the museum in general. Having been to the Smithsonian, every museum feels so small in comparison, but seeing the collection of small artifacts, containers, and statues and their ages, made it feel like we were at a miniature Smithsonian.

This sentiment continued throughout the museum. Both through notability and size of the collections, as well as their diversity. We saw Van Gogh, Monet, Manet, O’Keeffe, Frida Kahlo, Jasper Johns, Jackson Pollack, Cezanne (Still Life!!), and so many more in one place. I didn’t expect this in Dallas. Maybe I should have, but I didn’ this trip completely blew my mind.


We loved our time at the Dallas Art Museum. I think it’s evident on both our faces.







Through a donated estate, there was an entire room dedicated to Sir Winston Churchill, including cigars and boxes, various personal items, telegrams, other correspondence, as well as two pieces of his art and even a set of his paints.


...and the statues were brilliant:







Thank you for checking out my Field Trip to the Dallas Art Museum. I’ve had a super busy week getting things in order for the new EP as well as lining up a bunch of shows for the next couple of months, but am writing today to hopefully catch up and have some great content ready for you on the daily again.

You are all fantastic. I hope you have a great day, and I’ll see you tomorrow.


All images were taken by me with an iPhone 6+ and edited using Adobe Photoshop Express for iPad, and Fused for iOS in an effort to make the most of my available technologies to create high-quality content on Steemit.


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So freakin cool!!! I’m hoping to find a nice museum in Chicago this week!!


Jene’s favorite museum in the whole world is in Chicago. We want to go there together at some point to see it with each other. She compares everywhere to Chicago the way I compare everything to the Smithsonian. Oh, I’m so jealous!!! You guys are gonna have a blast!!

Interesting!! I like those artifacts and statues look spectarcular :)


The artifacts really blew my mind. To see these works from 100BC and beyond all in one place was really moving.

I love statues, but their collection of religious statues also spoke to me in a huge way. They had an entire wing dedicated to Buddhist art, which was a joy to behold.

Thanks so much for checking the post out and for leaving the comment! Have a great day! :)

Great and powerful posting thanku


Thank you for the kind words, and I am so glad you enjoyed it!