Avengers fhase 4

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Hello Avengers friends !!! how are you?
Today I want to tell you about the Avengers phase 4 which brings us exciting films for the next years 2020 and 2021

For most of us the idea was devastating when it was announced that Iron Man played by actor Robert Downey Jr. would not appear again as well as other characters such as the Black Widow people played by actress Scarlett Johansson and as Captain America played by the actor Christopher Robert
Although for the actress Scarlett Johansson it would appear again in the next Black Widow movie thinking to be released in May 2020
Even so, Marvel promises to have great surprises which says that they will have the following audience of this type of movies in expectation and that in the same way they would have the opportunity to expand the Marvel universe more since it is planned to have Disney + as an extra producer
In the following image I show you the chronology of the films by Marvel for the next years


For the next phase of the MCU, it is planned to expand the Marvel universe by adding to the eternal ones as part of the past of the beings that they feed on the universe and that already existed on earth since ancient times also adding to chang shi the legend of the ten rings and returning to Vision to the Marvel movies in the movie Wanda Vision for mid 2021
And if that were not enough new dangers will arise because in the second installment of the strange doctor whose theme is The multiverse, it will expand the potential risks that the Avengers will face in the future, not only in the physical plane but also in the hidden dimensions.
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Phase 5 looks way better!