PENCIL: Wood Nymph

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I like to draw Splinterlands monsters already, but when I saw @splinterlands was asking for monster art, I decided to draw another one of my favorite monsters.

I love living in Laos, but sometimes I miss the fantastic shopping that can be done back home. I couldn't find a pencil sharpener, so I used this knife instead.

Once I had the outline done, I knew I wanted to do something different with the eyes and hair.

The original drawing didn't mix the eyebrows with the hair very well.

It seems like two different artists drew the eyebrows first, then the hair artist didn't want to give up their hair and keep the eyebrows at the same time.

I used my finger to blur the pencil instead of a Qtip this time.

My boss saw me sharpening pencils with a knife and gave me her daughter's pencil sharpener. I finished the penciling by making the eyes, ears, and mouth the darkest spots.

After I downloaded the pictures from the Canon Rebel to the iPad, I could use the erase and blur tools in Procreate to do what my finger or a Qtip could never do.

A little white and black technical pen tool helped highlight the hair. Thanks for checking out my Splinterlands drawing. Have a great day.

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Very nice shading! I love pencil drawings. Something about them...
I also was drawn to this little gal and drew her myself (there may be a post laying about...). She looks different but identifiable. 😆
Thanks for sharing bits of the process too! I love this!


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Incredible work. The same design and yet it looks more lively than the original. Well done!

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