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Hey Cryptopeople!🤗

Here is my latest CryptoCartoon🖼😁🎨, this time I cartoonized the awesome Digibyte Evangelist and YT Personality Host of Map to Success!

Take a look👀 at his 🎥Youtube Channel, he has interviewed cool people like Crypto Blood!🎙

🎬 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTD4xJ8l9xv13oJ8Aa9ohwA

Map to Success brings you the latest cryptocurrency news and tips.
Dedicated to helping people with better trading ideas and how to invest wisely.

Twitter: @Maptosuccess201
Instagram: @Maptosuccess7131


Wishing you lot of success!🍀😉🙌


Take a look at the hand~drawings, I used pencils and crayons!🖍


🌟 Thank you for stopping by!

I'm ☆JeninaCrypto☆ a Crypto~Cartoonist from Venezuela, if you like what I do please consider supporting me On Patreon: 🎨🙏 Thanks! ☄


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It's always fun to see your posts and how you've done the artwork. It's also nice to see your smile at the end!

I'm happy you enjoy it!😀

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Thanks for introducing all these people to me from the crypto space! Love the art! #resteemed 🤑

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Thank you!🤗 I'm happy you found it interesting😉

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Good drawing! Shout out my guy Map To Success!!! holla!

Thank you so much!😊

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Ahah a map to happiness!😀

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Haha great work J! So how does Jcoin's map to success look? 😁

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Ahah all great, N!😆

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