Portraits of Jessica

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A day of blackout

It is no secret what happened in Venezuela a couple of weeks ago, the longest blackout in our history. It was not a moment to celebrate at all, but a moment to try to save oneself and not allow the blackness of the outside to invade our interior as well.

All this is a bit of pure rhetoric to present the terrible context in which these happy photos of today were taken. Difficult photos for me to see. They are a deception but they were my reality and the result didn't seem bad to me.


Among all the things I did during the days without light, electricity or signal was to walk with my roommates, so that the confinement wouldn't kill us. One of the visits was to Miranda Park and there I took pictures of my roommate Jessica, who after asking so much got them. Recently it was her birthday so a hooray for Jessica!





There are photographs for history and others simply to remember. New public space taken thanks to photography.

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