Introducing my new avatar

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So here it is, new artwork to identify myself with, kindly provided by @plushzilla and @jimramones and I can't express how grateful I am for it.

One day, out of the blue @plushzilla contacted me on discord offering to design some artwork for my profile expecting nothing in return. At first I didn't expect too much to come out of it, after all, being presented a gift you're not in a position to ask for it to be perfectly what you might want it to look like. I have a creative brain to solve problems, but not creative in an artistic sense, far off. He pointed me to @jimramones artwork and started asking questions, came back with some initial sketching an through several rounds of feedback they ended up with this magnificent result for which I am forever grateful. Believe me when I say it will be used a lot and for a long time.

So here it is:

  • Jef Patat
    JefPatat small.png
  • The sidekick
    JefPatatJunior small.png
  • The banner

Again: thanks a lot @plushzilla and @jimramones!

And let me know what you think about it.


Seems like you made a few nice touches to it yourself as well :)

I owe it all to you ;-)

oh so your favorite color is yellow. 🤪🤪

Oh. 🤣
I was thought you like yellow.

I like it.
Tell us more about the sidekick.

Any further plans with your new identity? Animation, Video Games?

Every superhero needs one ...

The people that know me can find a lot of clues to my real life in the artwork but I'm not giving them away ;-)

Not really any special plans with them but to nurture them. All credit goes to @plushzilla and @jimramones.

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Awe both the avatar and the side-kick are SOOOO cute!!! Great job done here!

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