Action//Msp Music & Art Curation//Week 33

in art •  2 months ago


Hello friends, I hope you are well. I am pleased to present my drawing of the week @isaria, based on a movie with a lot of action in science fiction. Hope you like.

Step by Step.











Finished drawing


Thanks for visiting my publication.

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Great work! resteemed!


Thanks for the support.

really amazing work, @jeffersom! i love these two so much, sweet rabbit and grooooooooooooot <3 <3 the step by step is incredibly presented, also <3


Thank you very much for your positive and motivating comment.

hermoso trabajo


Gracias amiga. Tambien me encanta tu trabajo.

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buen dibujo, te felicito amigo.


Gracias amigo.

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Thank you very much team for your support.

Wow! quede impactada al ver este dibujo! te quedo Genial!


Muchas gracias amiga...Me alegra que te guste.. Saludos.

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Hola jefferson, un dibujo perfecto muy bien terminado vos esos detalles de las naves detrás de grot y el paso a paso está genial muy buena la presentación.


muchas gracias @vicenteajb por su comentario positivo. Saludos

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