How to Draw a Chibi Spiderman

in #art3 years ago (edited)

Hi everyone! This time I want to show you how I draw using Adobe Photoshop... I hope this inspire you to create something!

Is spider-man because everyone is talking about Avengers recently... Spoilers are saying he vanishes... I can't go to the movies to watch it because is so expensive in my town and I'm saving money to pay my graduation... So I'll have to wait until is to old to watch it on tv xDDD

If you want to donate something here are my Bitcoin and Litecoin Adresses :P

Litecoin: LUvXhqzCQ7MAp6FWVHk6aYjNVDMw37shsq


Bitcoin: 19bXboNPg3SxqCryjmbHFciL59bQYSobEb


No more to say... I'm over and out!

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