Don't treat me like a boy [Drawing - Step by Step]

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I did it this afternoon and part of the night... I relax myself doing drawings like this because every line requires it's own time... It makes me forget everything else surrounding me.

If you're curious, I've made it using only Adobe Illustrator CS6... Here I leave you the process.

Step by Step









I hope you liked it (and if you did you can support me with an upvote, resteem or comment something down below if you have any suggestions). 'Till next time. Over and Out! :D


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I loved your illustration, I liked the texture you used on your beard. The facial features are correct, just like the ear. I really liked your style, the background you used and the combination of colors. Excellent that you have shared the entire process of your illustration, serves as a guide for anyone interested in doing something similar. Excellent post, greetings.

¡Wow! Muchas gracias por ese comentario tan dedicado! Lo aprecio bastante, no me lo esperaba a estas horas jajaja... Saludos, un abrazo paisano!

Me gustó este estilo, está interesante.

Muchas gracias! :D

Lovely work! I really like the idea. The color combination works really well and the eyes really pop. Nice job!

Thank you so much! You're so kind!! :D

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