Believe in yourself [Digital Art] Step by step

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Hi everyone! I've finally got my title as engineer yesterday. I'm just waiting for the graduation date. I'm so happy & thats the reason why I have not been drawing since last week. I also moved from my parents house and I'm living alone close to my new job.

Today I had some of free time and I saw a music video from Maroon 5 - girls like you. I'm in love with every single difference that makes girls special... So I wanted to draw something that inspires true beauty to others :)

Beauty inspires


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

Step by step

I used Adobe Illustrator CS6 for the outlines and Adobe Photoshop CC2014 to add color.

First of all I used a stock photo I found on Pinterest to draw a realistic human pose because I'm still bad at it.

Then I've found some flowers I love the most... My favorite flower is Plumarian (Next to my parent's house there are many of them)

So I finish the outline of this drawing. Then I saved it in png with transparency to open it in photoshop.

Once I opened it in photoshop I add a layer for every part of the drawing to add color. Every layer is behind the oulines to not to ruin the drawing.



Thank you all for seeing my artworks I really appreciate it.. Even more when you leave a comment :D

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