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Photography has been very good to me, for a while I have realized that I wanted to find a way to give back to the community that helped me to jump start my career because I have no idea what rock I would be lying under if it was not for the artistic qualities and the joy discovered shooting photo images. As a way to say thank you and a part of my ongoing series to introduce as many new photographers whom I would describe as peers in the photography industry, to consider joining the Steemit community and platform.

I am pleased to introduce three new photographers who's images I have been given the permission to curate for this post. I am equally as pleased to be able to introduce Steemians to these photographers as I am to introduce these photographers to the Steemit platform. Judging from the sample's of work I have shared from these photographers on this post alone, from my perspective it's obvious these photographers deserve a place here on the site and a foot in the door.

It never fails to humble me when I realize just how generous and amazing photographers can be when I find myself looking for permission to share photographers work for a blog post. Of course some photographers are solely motivated by profit and corporate status, the majority of photographers I have encountered in my time as a photographer believe in the art of photography and cherish as I do myself the chance to be able to be out in the field capturing dynamic images. Just to be able to race home to our computers, unpack a given set of image's in Photoshop, spending a few more hours post-processing photos, only to share the work for free with the world time and time again. That's the reality for most photographers including myself and it probably has not been said enough times how amazing artist who are at the top of their photography game who also happen to be extremely generous individuals actually are.

Any photographer who decides to join Steemit after being invited with one of my blog entries is going to receive a generous up vote for their first post as well as a follow-up interview with a more in-depth article featuring the artist who have arrived on the site. It's not obvious for people who are not familiar with cryptocurrency why they should join a site like this without first familiarizing themselves with the platform in general. That is why I will take as much time as it requires to introduce and properly explain the procedure to anyone I have invited with a blog entry, who I consider to be my peers in the photography industry. Not that I don't think everyone in the world should join the site, I just don't have the time to indoctrinate everyone myself. Although one day I hope to have more time to on-board new users to Steemit 24/7 ;D
In the mean time I have to settle on the four to six hours of free time it takes me to write up and curate one of these post every few days, or as often as I can!

Meet Sapna Reddy Photography!


Sapna Reddy is a landscape based photographer out of sunny California. Sapna describes the pursuit of Photography as a spiritual journey filled with happiness every step of the way.

Pursuing a career in photography and Medicine, Sapna works as a radiologist analyzing images in attempts to archive a cure. Sapna Reddy transition to become a professional photographer was triggered by her passion for teaching. The workshops Sapna teaches at national parks in America are geared to small groups with an emphasis placed on creative aspects of photography. All profits from Sapnas workshops are donated to charity.

Sapna Reddys image's have been used by major corporations such as Google, HItachi, Gap and Yahoo, if all of that was not enough to make you smile, Spana loves to hear when you use her images for a personal screen saver! I have to tip my hat to Sapna, she is one heck of a fantastic talent and a really nice human being! Cheers Sapna <3















Meet Pascale Forest!

Inspired by her art studies at Collège Lionel Groulx, Pascale is suffering from two autoimmune and neurological diseases although her passion inevitably motivates her to get out in the world and capture breathtaking images!

Pascale operates at a much higher degree of difficulty when she set's out to capture images compared to the average photographer. The level of the motivation required to be a photographer under normal circumstances is one thing and the amount of love it takes to put your heart and soul into something that essentially pays nothing back while confronting the reality of a disability, Pascales experience's is something I can't imagine. Although the amount of work that it takes to be a photographer is something I can speak to. I can say first hand Pascale has an amazing work ethic and I would consider myself lucky to be out in the field shooting with her anytime considering we're from the same province, I would love to get the chance to meet her one day.


Pascale Forest seems to be friends with wildlife <3 That apparently follow her around everywhere she goes allowing her to capture amazing images. The quality and detail of Pascal's photo's are exceptional as well as perfectly framed.

Pascale Forest is the kind of photographer I find inspiring, the kind of photographer who motivates me with her collection of work to push myself to the limit without fail! Cheers Pascale ;D










Meet Yan L!

Yum is a software engineer working out of California. Young describes himself as someone who really loves the outdoors and considers Landscaping photography a great way to enjoy his hobby as well as a way to get out in the world.


Yan says he is still learning how to become a better photographer and considers sharing his work online to be an amazing resource for polishing his photography skill. I can't say I disagree with that logic. Photography blogs on the internet helped me hon in my skill, I consider myself lucky to have found some of the blogs for photography through the internet I have over the years and consider the information a fundamental building block for any photographer looking to step up their game in the photography realm and take their experience to the next level.

I say Yan has the right attitude and his images are the proof. Although Yan does not have a professional website yet, that does not mean Yans images do not make the cut. I am happy to be able to introduce to the Steemit community this wonderful artist who is just starting out in the photography world.













I want to take a second to thank you for checking out this post. Comments for the photographers are always appreciated and I look forward to hearing your feedback in the comment section below.

Do you have a favorite image from this series?

NOTE: Right click open in new tab for a full size version (Desktop, screensaver)

Written by STEEMIT user: Jazmin Million

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ohh my goshhh... so many great shots in one place. My mind is blown away.

how many beautiful and unusual photos.
for the soul, atmosphere, and inspiration, haha

Wow just awesome
Amazing .. The pictures look unreal. Real creativity
Thanks for sharing that with us‏

one touch of nature makes the whole world kin. William shakespeare

It's a flood of breath-taking, jaw-dropping photos! Whew! I'm sure I'll be back for more. Thanks for all the effort putting these tantalizing pictures together.

I hope Steemit is the future of social networks. Giving the power over everything to the community, instead of big opinion-corporations, is the way humanity should go.

And that's why I love to see such talented photographers here on steemit. We are not just a bunch of money craving gold diggers.
We create value.

And looking at those photos above, we create fantastic value!

Having these talented people on here is also very inspiring. This site (and your posts @jazminmillion) made me start with photography, and I'm sure, I'm not the only one. Maybe one day I will create such great pictures too, who knows. :P


So jazminmillion is quite the boss I see. Ok I'm checking him out

I liked especially the Pascale photos of the wood duck and the three owl photos, flying in and flying away, and sitting on a snowy branch. My own taste prefers the presence of the artist but only just, barely there, so that you feel that you are the first to look at the subject. All the photos were good, but I liked these especially. Thank you for bringing them here.

It's an impossible task to choose a favourite. They are all so wonderful. :)

I really enjoyed this post. It was real pleasure to see so many beautiful photographs brought together in the one place and good of you to promote the photographers.

Have a great day @jazminmillion. :)


I agree with you, every photo is a masterpiece. Social media and other platforms must continue to promote talent and extend these outputs farther.

very interesting set of photos!

I am still confused for which photo i say that it is my favorite one, everything you just shared is beyond the perfection, wonderful wonderful stuff :)

Without any exaggeration i have not seen such an awesome shot in my entire life <3 <3 <3

Amazing photos wow

I Already told u @jazminmillion U Are A great Artist ...
This Time U done Great job and u also told little bit about ur career i think just 2% :-D
i AM a Basically Song Writter but i wrote Only In Urdu Lyrics and punjabi..
i know how much Struggle In All these Fields ..
SO u R Always A rockstar in photography..
I Resteem ur this work...
Good Luck Always
Thanks @jazminmillion

I never heard of these two stalwarts in Photography world - Sapna Reddy & Pascale Forest. Just can't keep my eyes away from these high standards photography. Even though I am a layman in terms of the nitty-gritty of the Photography but, one can surely understand the depth of the photography level.

Your photos are amazing beauty. Even difficult to choose the best - they are all beautiful!!!)


I'm amazed at the eye of the photographer

Really impressive!!! Can't even image what they had to do to get some of these pics. Northern light, lava, perfectly timed sunsets and rises, .... All things you can't find next door.


I totally agree, motivation is everything to get out in the world and shoot stuff like this!

These are AMAZING! Something I've always wanted to try myself but I'm no where near skilled enough. They are great and the way the lighting is makes the pictures even more beautiful. Job well done

My jaws have dropped so hard that I cant put them back in place. One of the best if not the best cocktail of superb photography. Thank you for sharing @jazminmillion !

Wow pictures
Guyz are soing fab going
Best of luck for the new comers as well as old one
Good job by the way
Very good motivation

Some photos are just gorgeous. I cant imagine people really saw that beauty in real life.

You've just solved my desktop-wallpaper-boring-situation. Thanks mate :)

wow great photography, great work, keep up :)

all of them very good but my favorite is (

There's seems to be an artistic communication in this paintings, it speaks volumes and tell stories
The paintings are all so amazing, bright, true and magical

Very nice @jazminmillion ... UPVOTED

Seeing all this beauties the first thought to come to my mind was "oh my God" this are so beautiful

Great man and great job. Good photo collection. I like your blog post.Thanks for sharing.


Few other good post like this one too ;D

These photographs are beautiful.
Great talent

Wow. Nature is amazing. I know that there are some man made structures that add to a few of the pictures, but it's the natural aspects that make these pictures so stunning.

Ohhh my good this is Unbelievable photography @jazminmillion

I am really amazed to see your photo collections .It is very sharp and beautiful.Thanks @jazminmillion

Oh my shet nice picture 😎

@jazminmillion Jameela Siddiqui You are the best photographer I am happy to be on your posts
صوت هنا  والا طعنتك.gif

Full reference and very good cuality of art

Awesome post! I invite you to visit our blog and vote us back! And of course to enjoy our content :)

I am very impressed with the quality of skill you have @jazminmillion, not a high quality camera, but the expert photographer, not everyone can capture quality photos like this, I acknowledge your good ability, thanks @jazminmillion have shared.


This post has received gratitude of 7.53 % from @appreciator thanks to: @jazminmillion.

Amazing Photographes I loved it it's such amazing

Those photos are amazing. It seems like being made by CGI. Can't believe those are real photos. Wow!

wow! very beautiful images

Nice collection of photograph. You are really intelligent....

Wow! Pretty much every one of those shots is beautiful! I particularly like yans work

WOW What a journey. My heart is racing @jazminmillion!!!!

I love it

Wow. you have taken photography to a new level, your work is awesome, brilliant, I mean it i'm not just tickling your ears. I have just started with my studies of nature locally and i am so addicted to the rush of a good photo and the serotonin the brain releases after a good shot.
I need to invest in a better camera than my phone. It's probably sacrilege mentioning phone and photography in the same sentence to you.

But i have plenty of desire, adventure and imagination.
I would love for you to look at and give me some feed back, I am always learning and open.
I know the camera is only the beginning, the talent lies with you and your artistic flare.
What you see through your eyes is completely different to some one else.

I have a passion for macro photography

Wonderful pictures, @jazminmillion really knows how to captivate his fellow steemians. 👍


Great photo amazing capture incredible post tnx for sharing steemit all the way check out my new post upvote resteem comment @gclipse

Wow. These are some Phenomenal Photographs. Thank You.

each one seperate beautiful,
I wanted to be there

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thank you again for beinging these fantastic photographers to our attention. A beautiful write up as always and im excited about you wanting to write more. Your articles are always interesting

I really like your post is amazing. i want to follow your way.motifasi good enough. thank you for sharing information.photograpyh very extraordinary and very beautiful.

Keren kali suka aku

Stapnas shot on the wave had too many mixed emotions.. Its calm yet fierce.. I actually thought it was a dinosaur. Very beautiful and creative shots

Nice Picture

Woooooow some great images! Please check my page for VR demos!!!

This photos are amazing!!!

Bravo to all the photographers. It's incredible how steemit has such talented people and I really hope that this platform becomes more strong and helps more talented people publicize their work.
Cheers to everyone! :)

well this is amazing wonderful photography

Thank you for this amazing beauty. I enjoy it. Each photo is a masterpiece. I'm glad that I met your work. Inspiration and new works to you!

This is the beauty of steemians, they help each other grow in the community. Newbies can expect help from oldies.

good steady .. and congratulations on your success .. do not forget to post me, hopefully survive in steemit

wow, this post is loaded with beautiful photos, thanks for sharing!

Do you have any tips for young photographers?

Some of these photos resemble the landscape from The Lord of The Rings. I am impressed. 4K quality! I feel as though I can jump into the photos.

Those photos are so amazing they almost look CGI such amazing vivid colours

Truly amazing pictures. They are doing complete justice to nature, must say. And that's what should be the goal while capturing nature. DO JUSTICE.
I really like the one with MOON AND IT'S REFLECTION.
Others are amazing too in there own way.

Wow.very Amazing photos

I can feel the loneliness but also the warmness. Those pictures very represent my feeling at night. Awesome picture, and it is masterpiece. Great Job!

I really don't have words to say that how much I like your photos. Although every picture is really fantabulous but I like the picture of a moon right above the tree and the pictures of ducks very much. You're awesome!

really superb @jazminmillion .. you capture very amazing clicks... just save your photography.. and followed you for more nice post

i hope it's true that there is heaven on earth, if "no" then how comes that we have such . thank you , your post is nice and attracting

I am in awe, simply beautiful.

these photos are incredible @jazminmillion. good job.

Just absolutely incredible shots. Each time when I am quite happy with my own results, I need to see something like this to strive forward.

Thank you so much for bringing this here!

im in love wuth every picture!

Wow! this shows that a lot of things there outside far from what I can imagine.

Which one is mt favorite? Hmmm.. I can't think of one because each one is impressively amazing.

thank you for sharing the space and time may you succeed always in running your career

Man, from a fellow photographer, you are an incredible! Those landscapes are surreal! And that milky way shot? You gained a follower right there. Looking forward to more of your photos here.

My name is muhammad rizal
I'm a new member of steemit
Please followback and upvote my post

Vote and follow me

It takes a lot of time and tremendous effort to get that caption so amazing. Much better if we so that in person its a lifetime experience.

Amazing, I like this picture. (, so many beautiful photographs and I really enjoy this post.

oh my god...such an amazing photography...

Nice post amazing photos @jazminmillion 👍I resteem.

Yes, all wonderful shots. Loving em all!

Amazing art picture

Every of the pictures is incredible. I wish I had such skill in photography.

wow...nice art photography thanks for.sharing..

This is amazing work!! Literally mind blowing

I really enjoy your post and your work.... keep it up best wishes for you future on steemit..

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This is awesome, take a minute and look at these insane pictures.

I really didn't expect that level of quality when I clicked on this post. Holy cow, incredible pictures. Thanks for sharing.