Look Deeper - Original Mixed Media Art

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Detail from 'Look Deeper' completed October 23rd, 2019. Original miniature artwork created using acrylic paints and inks, handmade collaged materials and gel pens on 'leftover' c. 7.5cm x 19cm (3" x 7 1/2") Strathmore Mixed Media paper.

"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see." - Henry David Thoreau



I get told from time to time by well-meaning 'business advisor' types that I shouldn't 'bother' with creating miniature artworks because they're 'not worth the effort' compared to the prices commanded by bigger pieces. But you know what? I disagree entirely! I absolutely LOVE working at a small scale, and the results are a delight to me. As it happens, they frequently evolve alongside bigger paintings as I'm working (it's quite usual for several paintings to be manifesting at once) in a very symbiotic manner. And although it's true that a similar amount of time and effort go into creating them as many larger works, I can honestly say that I would never think of them as being 'lesser' because of their diminutive size or relatively 'low sales values' they realise.

As with this piece, many of these 'minis' are created using upcycled or 'left-over' substrates, making them even more quirky and characterful.

'Look Deeper', details

I'd love for the people who think they're an 'inefficient' way to paint to look a little deeper at the place they hold in my portfolio and my heart...

These little 'minis' are stand-alone and adorable all by themselves, but they also look amazing when hung or otherwise situated in little pairs or clusters, or alongside larger works.

'Look Deeper', framed and hung with other 'mini' artworks*


They're also a fantastic, affordable choice as unique gifts either to yourself or a fellow art lover, and easy as can be to ship and frame, too. There's nothing quite like sharing your space with original artwork, and these littlies make it possible to do so for the same sort of investment you might be called to make in exchange for a larger print. This really appeals to me as a way to make owning original art more accessible to a wider audience, removing it from 'elitist' circles and making it available to those who might otherwise not be able to enjoy its benefits.

In short, there is no way I will stop painting these 'baby' brush babies. And just like their bigger siblings, the nuances of each original imbue them with an interactive aliveness that a print (no matter how faithful or lovely) can simply never hope to replicate...

'LookDeeper', shown here in my hand for scale purposes, and also to show how different the original looks in different lighting situations.


With love,


If you'd like to see more images of this painting or other available studio direct works, please click here to visit my online store. I'm also happy to accept payments in Steem - let me know in the comments or via Chat if you'd like to discuss or arrange this.

*Note: I have lots of little clusters like this dotted around my home, but this one is a 'mock-up' using an App called In Situ Art Room

I hope you've enjoyed this post. As an independent, self-employed, self-financing creative (and radically unschooling single Mama), your support, kind-ness, and appreciation of my always-original content are most welcome! Please feel free to comment, upvote, Resteem or otherwise share this post if you feel called to do so.


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