Art of the Day - Turtles All the Way Up

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Turtles All the Way Up, completed 22nd January 2018.

Turtles All the Way Up - Miniature Painting

'Turtles All the Way Up' is an original miniature artwork, created using acrylic paints, fabric paint, texture paste, gel and Posca pens and collaged handmade materials on 3" x 3" upcycled mount board.

Its title is a play on the zen story about the world standing on turtles "all the way down!". I can see three little turtles, interwoven, heading to the surface together. Can you see them, too, or do you see something else entirely - or maybe nothing at all? I'm always fascinated by the forms that manifest spontaneously in my paintings, and equally so by the things other people spot which I have often missed entirely!



If you've fallen in love with this painting... may be interested to know that it is available for sale in my store on Etsy. I'm also very happy to sell direct - payment accepted via PayPal or, of course, in Steem or Bitcoin!

'Turtles All the Way Up' is also available on 50+ print on demand products including clothing, homewares and device cases. Click here to find out more.

Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 14.36.45.png

I hope you've enjoyed this post. As an independent, self-financing creative, and radically unschooling Mama, your support, kind-ness, and appreciation of my always-original content are most welcome! Please feel free to comment, upvote, Resteem or otherwise share this post if you feel called to do so.

With love,

Jay x

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