Art of the Day - Barefoot-Inspired Designs II

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Hi guys! Here's the second of the barefoot-inspired designs I've just added to my portfolio of print on demand products at This one is called 'Free Your Feet - Pink', and it began life as a photograph of the soles of my feet after a 3-hour hike. I guess that most of you know by now how passionate I am about the joys of barefooting - to me, losing the shoes initiates a liberating and amazing process of 'freedom from the ground up'. I'm always happy to find new ways of sharing this feeling with others and supporting those who have already begun their barefoot journey towards better health and more personal freedom...I wanted the image in this design to represent that feeling of freedom - a bright, colourful explosion of exuberance, which represents the amazing range of sensory feedback one receives from the soles of one's feet whilst walking barefoot...


Here's the original photograph, taken by my wonderful Raven when we returned from our hike:


I took the original photo into Photoshop and edited it to black out the background elements and to increase the contrast to make it easier for the next step (vectorising):


Once I had my feet isolated from the background, I then took the photo into Adobe Illustrator instead and vectorised it, reducing the colour palette down to 16 colours. It was at this point that I realised how cool this image would look recoloured - all those amazing lines and textures that make up a footprint, recoloured to 16 funky colours to make it really pop? That's GOT to look interesting, right? Right! (Original, vectorised image bottom right):


Having created a vector graphic and settled on a colour scheme, I was then able to upload it to my portfolio at and make it available print-on-demand on over 50 print products, including clothing, homewares, device cases and stationery:


I hope you've enjoyed this post. As an independent, self-financing creative, and radically unschooling Mama, your support, kind-ness, and appreciation of my always-original content are most welcome! Please feel free to comment, upvote, Resteem or otherwise share this post if you feel called to do so.

With love,

Jay x


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