Time To Drop The BOMB!!! I think This Is My Best Painting To Date

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Oh yes. Today I will finally release the finished product of "God's Eye 2". And very happily so. As the title suggests, I think this is one of my best paintings to date.

hanes eye ! ! final 2 logo b.jpg

It was a painting marathon. Those of you following me know that since I posted progress posts about this large painting already almost a month ago. And since then I've been working on it almost daily. Over the last week very intensely indeed.

When you see the details in this piece you might understand why. If you're a painter yourself, you will get it even more. This is a composition of many layers and many superimposing objects.

Let's look at the art though. Nobody is interested (and rightly so!) about what and how of art (that's bit of an exaggeration, process is interesting...) but art is mainly about being TOUCHED by the final result.

Did it move you in any way? Did it make you stop in your tracks and remember something long forgotten inside of you? Did it make you emotional, did it make you feel good, elated, joyful, happy? Or even mad, disturbed, disgusted? If so, then that's art that is doing its job.

I always say: Art bypasses the traps of language and speaks straight to the human heart and as such it's of great value to humanity, it is our unifying field of love.

So here you have it! All the details of the

" G o d ' s E y e 2 "


eye 2 a.jpg

eye 2 aa.jpg

eye 2 b.jpg

eye 2 c.jpg

eye 2 d.jpg

eye 2 f.jpg

eye 2 g.jpg

eye 2 h.jpg

eye 2 i.jpg

eye 2 j.jpg

eye 2 k.jpg

The central mandala is embedded by pure gold. As you might know, me like that (I mean putting real gold in my significant pieces). The glitter of it from the right angle is simply unbeatable. No patience for imitations in my Universe:)

I hope you guys like it at least half as much as me!

Thank you for reading and for supporting me, always!

Much Love & Big Hugs!


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hanes eye ! 3 b.jpg

hanes eye ! 4.jpg


This is absolutely spectacular, Jan ! You've outdone yourself * ___ * I feel all the colours and the cosmic energy overflowing from this painting and into my mind and whooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~

The detailing, the composition, the balance and the motif of nature ! The gorgeous and incredible elements you've put into this painting... oh my, simply fantastic ! A masterpiece of a creation !!!!!!

I dont have further words for now .... it knocks my socks off !!!!


dear @veryspider. Your comments are the best :) "resteems aggressively" that knocks my underpants off :D Thank you for everything!

Is there any chance for people to own this piece in some way? I'd love to have art like this on my wall!

@igster thank you. Yes of course that’s how I make living. It is not cheap though. You can always find me on Facebook (same name) or Instagram (@jan_kasparec_art) or email me at [email protected]

@igster thank you. Yes of course that’s how I make living. It is not cheap though. You can always find me on Facebook (same name) or Instagram (@jan_kasparec_art) or email me at [email protected]

Yes, that's what I was afraid of :) So you only sell the original piece or do you have prints available as well? I can already tell I can't pay the price you want, but perhaps some day in the future, once the cryptomarket peaks again ;) I followed you anyway so when that time comes, I can find you!

brother I might actually do a framed print of this one. But it's behind glass thus tricky to ship. I encourage you to get in touch with me via the channels that I outlined above and we can always talk about custom print on canvas or something. Even a custom print would be easily 20times less expensive than original and that's a beautiful large limited edition print. I don't do cheap prints in large numbers. The original is $55k to give you an idea. Thank you again @igster

I understand that very well, your pieces should stay limited and thus unique so people actually appreciate them whenever they get a chance to see them. I'll have to wait for cryptomarket to peak before I even consider the limited edition prints, but don't worry, I'll remember you and your work when the time comes!

In another note, I'm creating a frontend for Steem that filters out all the promoted posts from Trending so people can actually see content that's voted by other people. I did see your post in that list by the way, pretty high even :) Just a proof to me that it's working. I'm mentioning this because it will also have a prominent module where each category, like music and art, will have a list of creators that are showcased to users so they can have a bit easier time finding great creators from their area of interest.

You're obviously ending up on the list under art, but I wonder if you have any others creators you might want to recommend?

No need to thank me, you're the one creating these beautiful pieces of art. We're just the lucky ones who get to witness them!

@igster (what's your name btw if you don't mind me asking:) brother, that is really great what you're doing. We need to heal Steemit :D @kevinwong could go into great lengths talking about this! He might be happy seeing what you working on! As far as recommending artists, my absolute favorite is @veryspider. Check him/her out (to this day I don't know the gender of this mysterious bad ass blogger and artist :D). No rush on purchase, when the bulls come we talk about it. And please consider following me on other social media just cause it's easier to talk, not only in public comments here. Thank you kindly!

I have to agree with veryspider here, this is an incredible piece of art! Amazing! You deserve to be very proud of this one.

Absolutely breathtaking Jan! This is the best painting that I've seen from you so far so I understand when you say that this might be the best what you've ever painted. I love all the elements that you included - earth, water, universe and the mystery eye in the middle overlooking it all. It would take me ages to study all details that you included. It looks like your phantasy doesn't have borders. I don't even know what else to say :) It's fantastic!!!

I can't wait to see more from you :)

Have a lovely day!

Great work brother. I fully agree to that is your new master piece.
I am looking forward to meet you soon.
Resteemed :-)

Hey brudeeeer! It's the FINAL COUNTDOWN! :) Thank you!

That's really something else pal. You have some incredible talent.

Thank you so much @gooddream! Gonna check out your blog for sure. Thanks for stopping by :)

I’m pretty sure you say that about most of your pieces but it’s fine, means that you’re still learning something with each one 😆 this one does look seriously epic though 😳

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haha well, yes to learning. I'm on step one of many steps, that is how I see it. But I do think this is one of my best works to date. Although there will be many more to come that will take that place, easily. As you say, I'm just a student! Thanks bro

The different dimensional realities being opened up by the eye, it's a different way of looking at the overall painting, and I could not really see what was going on until the last photo.The red and gold sunset world with the elephants, giraffes, zebras, and rhino is where my heart wants to be.

@creativetruth that is actually such a good observation and way to look at it! I love when people really LOOK and FEEL my art. Thank you so much!

Wonderful. I love the colors and reference to sacred geometry

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Thanks Ruben! Long time no see! hope you been well :)

woow! I had to resteem this! awesome work! also, the idea itself is unlike i've ever seen! congrats!

Thank you kindly @ankapolo !


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Keep up the great work!


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