Forest Light II. Progress On Second Light Study. CUPCAKES NOT WAR

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Yesterday I posted few things that I'm working on for my upcoming show on April 13th. Today I focused on one of them, which is a unofficial twin of "Forest Light" painting that I did earlier this month. Same size, same theme, same same but different, as they say in Thailand.

IMG_0992 logo.jpg
work in progress!

Just the feeling of peace that I am aiming for will be the same! Inner peace like nobody can piss on it!:P

The size a nice medium sized painting 3 feet tall and 2 feet wide. I like this size. It's not too large but still large enough to make a visual impact on the wall, and it's relatively easy to sell cause it's below $5000 price point, which always help to free up the space in the studio and pay the steep bills of Vancouver costly living! :)

I think that forest light could be a theme for couple of lifetimes. It's so rich, so diverse, and so soothing to human soul that I could paint it over and over again and it would never look the same.

Take this one for example that I painted in 2012


! Delivery of jungle light installed with logo resized.jpg

Large 8x4 piece, photographed in the house of the client who acquired it. I would have never thought that I'll keep on coming back to this theme . Now I feel I will, for the rest of my life.

But back to the one I am working on now...


Step by step process of what I have so far




This is where I panicked a bit to be honest...did I screw up the promising start?




Starts to look good?

As always, the painting will change the most and come alive with the final details. Might put an animal or two in there, wait for the surprise ;)

That should happen tomorrow unless I get really tipsy with my best freind who is just landing in Vancouver after 5 months of being away in Europe (guy I went to Uganda with in December) and who will stay with me until he gets the keys from his new apartment right across the hall from us. I think that @gladysmak is already shaking with fear knowing what me and my buddy can do together (....riots:)))).

Thank you for following my blog, I really appreciate every comment and upvote,

Much Love to all of you,

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Make cupcakes (and art!) not war!

cupcakes not war.jpg

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  ·  last year (edited)

As long as you two don’t destroy the place, it is fine haha even though I know he is a dangerous guy! Keep my plants safe 😆 Kidding :D

Plants are happy and alive, and place is in mint shape. Means we had a very mild night. Libor was too tired and me too. Peace man :D

That's right @gladysmak.
You tell him (@jankasparec). Don't touch the plants.

He loves plants so much @joalvarez. He takes care of them very well and I think he is the best :)

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Love the paintings especially of the nature, my favorite.
Beautiful flowers @jankasparec and the painting behind you is absolutely amazing and I bet you painted that one too.
Sounds like trouble to me, even though you look like an angel on the picture.
That must be pretty cool to have one of your close friends move so close to you. Just stay out of trouble. lol

nice piece of art @jankasparec well done

I think it like something who make me happy. Your panted are beautiful how it make of profesional.

i guess it is your favorite painting, in the last picture , you have it as your cover also ,

not sure which one you mean Adele, but thank you :) I don't have a favorite painting per say. I painted hundreds of them and I love many of them :D

Beautiful combinations and landscape ! You are good in painting . I will happy to see you in my page. Have a nice day !