Devil Shits On The Same Pile. PERSISTANCE is everything!

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I got a show coming up in 2 weeks. Pressure starts to build up. The good news for me is that I work well under pressure. And so it's no surprise that I lay foundation to 3 new paintings today, prepared one big painting for shipping to States, managed a new potential client visit in the studio and as cherry on top of the cake I sold a painting my one of my old time collectors.

1 keiko waterfall logo.jpg

We got a saying in Czech republic that translates something like this: Devil always shits on one pile. Or also : When thing go awry the shit pours down in buckets.

You got the meaning. When things go wrong , they usually go all wrong at the same time. As if the big Mama Universe was testing you how much you really got in you. How much optimism can you muster under the cold rain.

It's been tough time for lots of us lately. I been through no orchid orchard walk either. Crypto is bleeding, FUD seems never-ending, manipulated dumps keep on killing every sign of bulls, weather in Vancouver been cold and shitty, I done no major painting sale since January and my shower broke down and plumbers were booked out for whole month. Gold got monkey hammered together with most other investments of mine (such as QID calls, basically Nasdaq shortsfor non-traders). Mooooood to get a depression.

But I know these times too well to get too low anymore. I take it as a test. And really the only thing you can do is this:


Translation from Spanish: Persist! If it was all easy, anyone could do it!

Well, anyone can really. It's a matter of conscious choice.

So I do what I do the best. I might not be in cheerful mood all the time but I never give up my work and overall optimism. I know that tides will turn around cause they always do. Yesterday was a totally crappy day. Rained all day like crazy, it was dark and cold and I had zero inspiration for painting. But I still delivered my daily load of work.

Today was an entirely different story. I was inspired , sold a medium-large painting and I was contacted by new client through my website ( who came over to check my work in person few hours later.

After 2 months of turmoil, it sure does cheer me up and gives me a little friendly nudge: "You see? Just keep on doing what you doing. For love."

This is the painting I sold today

Une Promenade Enchantee logo.jpg
Gonna miss this one. I like when I pull off this fairy-tale style art.

And this is what I worked on today


This will be another medium sized study of forest light, this time with river.


Same thing in smaller format, but I'll prolly put a humming bird in this one


Another two studies that I started from scratch today. One will have an eagle in front plane and the other a flock of birds. I like doing bunch of small formats for my show, it gives people opportunity to buy my original for promo price.

I will keep you updated on the progress. All of these will change dramatically this week!

What I really want to tell you today is: hang in there my friends. Never give up your optimism. Hard times are absolutely necessary to forge our characters and chip away our egos, making us more thoughtful, empathetic and loving.

Much Love to all of you!


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That's the good news after two months. I am really so happy for you and I know it is just the beginning. More and more surprises are coming :) Love you!

So much more good news on the way babe, no doubt! I love you too! Can't wait to give you few surprises next week ;)

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There is light at the end of the tunnel, brother.
I am happy to hear that you got a new client with your website.
Send you much love :-)

Thank you brother! I got like 5-10 emails through my website this week after I published the Neo/BTC painting! Works great bro! Much Love to Berlin!

i totally understand the zero inspiration for painting , then it cause a hopelessness , but the best i can do at this time, i remind myself it will not last a long time, inspirations are on the way toward me again , and this circle repeat all the time, i doubt if you could give up painting, i see you start several paintings , and Wow ,
aaah i was lazy this week , by this post i got energy hahahah , must start very soon ,
last picture , plants , green , nice atmosphere , lovely workshop .... :)
noo i never had such long comment before hahah

Hi Adele! Did you change your profile pic? So happy to hear that my post gave you energy! That's like the biggest reward a writer can get. Keep on creating!

yes i did , decided to chose a happy one :)

Much love to you too. You've said what I wanted to tell you already. It looks like you are doing well as your own consultant so you really don't need to wait for any man to offer inspiration in these trying times.

I said the same thing today when I looked at the price of Ethereum and remembered I bought in when price was still over $1400 in January. But that shouldn't make me chicken out. So, keep holding on till all you have is the will to hold on.

You might consider adding https://... to your website in the post to make it clickable. Do enjoy the rest of today buddy, have fun in the rain.

Thanks brother. Done and done! :) ETH is way scarier investment than BTC but still way more secure than most alt coins. So hang in there bro, we have beautiful times ahead!

Wow... Excellent creativity, and outstanding displays. I really love your will power. When you keep on hitting the rock with a blunt edged axe, a day will come when you quench your thirst.. keep on digging.... Also, there is an adage here, that, it is bad giving up on a hole, instead of you digging different holes in search of water, why don't you focus on just one hole and eventually, flood of stream awaits you.....

Thanks for your lovely comment @kuboskeey!

wow what a beautiful work, reeally love this, this is amazing. you have a greattt talent.

lovely... charming.... beautiful art. that's geeat @jankaspares. really i like it. thank u so much for share with post

Beautiful art , it's so vibrant ! Best of luck to you. Following now . Upped and resteemed !😊

so true... thanks for the encouragement by showing it happens to others too! sometimes it is important to be reminded of this...

Totally understand why your mood would have been down for a bit but doesn't show in the paintings, or maybe that's what helped uplift you? I love hat bears and butterflies one! And the light study one is gorgeous :)

Hope you were able to get your shower fixed after all that!


Yeah somehow my occasional bad periods are never reflected in my work. That always stays positive and uplifting. Thanks God! :)

Some people paint their "negative" feelings out (so they end up with a sad/angry/whatever piece) and feel better after, and some paint happy uplifting pieces to make themselves feel better, maybe you're the latter :D


You are gifted brother! That's some art!

This is awesome !! Thank you for sharing :D

Wow very beautiful painting very nice art is very talented, I really like this painting because it looks very good once I like your post

Very nice art photography.
I like it this art.
Thanks for sharing this life.
I appreciate your blog...

Hey, nice insight into your work. I am curious to see the "humming bird" ;)

greetings from Berlin

All the best for your coming show.

Thanks Ace! Appreciated!

you're welcome

Awesome work! Good luck with you show! My dad is an artist and atm he too is preparing paintings for a show, he has to have 40 by May which is rather a lot!! I love the painting with the bears you sold I can see why you are going to miss that one!

That's a huge amount of paintings, depending on his painting style, but still crazy. Thank you for your comment !

He does oil and watercolour, but has a lot in reserve so not painting them all just for the exhibition at least! But still a lot!!

I love these, but actually the dawn, great job anyway, 😍😍 Hope I could have one 😊

Wonderful art photography
I like it this story, I appreciate your blog........

You are amazing, Jan. Keep that positive attitude and always be pushing forward. Finding balance between painting and selling and promoting and living... it's all about the balance and coming through stronger on the other side.

great work! Resteemed - glad you commented on my post, because sometimes it is hard to keep up with what's new. And I always check on those that leave a message ........
Interesting about pressure: I am the worse procrastinator, and I can work only under pressure, leaving things to the last moment. A friend in Seattle who is curating a show I am in said: "no pressure, take your time" - I said: "please, don't say that!"

I totally agree about the tough times helping with empathy. If I hadn't gone through some of the rough spots in my life I think I would be less open to others pain. I can see myself in my fellow humans in suffering and know there is a way to help. Even a conversation with someone can change a perspective.