ADELIE PENGUINS composition! And what else is cooking in Studio 420?

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Today I was struck by a sudden URGE to make a penguins painting. I simply adore penguins. I think they are one of the cutest animals. Seeing videos of penguins how intimate and loving and caring they are just melts my heart.

IMG_9234 a.jpg

This is what I got after initial sketch on paper and about two hours of work on canvas.

Penguin contours are actually not that easy to paint:) Especially when you have 13 of them :)


Ok, well, penguins romance aside, I am working on the second painting of "God's Eye".

Not much changed since my last post about it but I did put the three horses in the eye which will eventually become three Pegasus.


And here is a greater view of some of my recent works.
Yes I have been working hard and I'm happy about that.

Can't wait to show you progress on my Adelie Penguins composition! There might be a whale in the end too, or couple of polar bears....maybe not bears....season is more bullish these days :)

Thank you for all your support!

Much Love,

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Cool penguin vs polar bear chess piece I did 3 years ago. I still have it and I still love it :)
chess party logo.jpg

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So cute :-) A clear resteem.


Thank you brother!!

Oh my ... so much beauty I don't even know where to start.

The penguins ... the colors you are using remind me very much of what I read in The Worst Journey in the World, an written accounting by one of the survivors of Scott's expedition to Antarctica in the 1910s. The author describes all the tragedy of that event, but also the color of Antarctica ... the months of sunlight at differing places in the horizon, the Southern Lights, and all the reflections of all that light in the ice and snow -- a stunning visual impression. Already, I see that kind of detail in your work, although I know you are focused on the penguins -- you are providing the feast for the senses I imagined in reading that big book, without any of the heartbreaking tragedy! It is autumn now in Antarctica and the colors of the sun lowering in the sky are in play ... I see those pastels coming out in your work in progress!

Honorable mention for the penguin-polar bear chess match... again, the colors are magnificent! Deep winter, but the polar pair are not worried, just whiling away the long, long night..


Thank you so much for your thoughtful and long comment 🙏🙏🙏

So cute !

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There's a joke about why polar bear don't eat pengiun.