V for Vendetta, Manga Studio illustration practice

in art •  6 months ago

V jpeg1.jpg

So here is one of my first legit Manga Studio drawings. This was based on an ink drawing I did for Guy Fawkes night. I've been watching loads of Video tutorials and just getting the hang it. Once I feel confident with the program, I'll begin the first Steemit illustrated short story.

I'm a bit rusty with the the old Intuos drawing tablet and really need to work on my lines. Clip Studio has a Vector brush feature that's really good for creating nice crips line art.

I'm so happy with this program. You can really deliver top notch comic art once you know what you're doing. I'll keep posting my progress up until the actual short story. Stay tuned!

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i love clip studio also ! looking forward to your arts/comics soon! :D :D


hey thanks! I'm getting the hang of it. So so much to learn on that thing though.


yeah ! i've been using it for a few months and still am learning so much ! it's like that, with arting, i guess XD


I think I've watched more tutorials than I've actually used it to draw. Still, really loving it :)

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Looking forward to seeing how it goes...


Hey thank you! I'm just writing the first story now :)

Good job! That's the program I use for my illustrations and comics. I love it