Tron Bonne, Capcom Fan Art - Digital Manga Art

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Hand over the gold!

Final Tron Bonne jpeg.jpg

I've recently been doing a bit of retro gaming. For the last two days, I've been hooked on Marvel Vs. Capcom 2. I noticed this crazy character on the roster. Her name is Tron Bonne and she's a pirate in the Mega Man universe.

Besides piloting a huge mechanised tank, she can summon hordes of these bizarre Lego men babies. It's so wacko but insanely fun to play as her.

Just look at this U Tube game play video made by EGGy's FGC - Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Game play. Beware, this video has loads of screechy anime girl voices...

You can skip to 1:15 to see Tron Bonne unleashing a can of whoop ass. It's crazy!

I am also loving some of the stage music in the game. Here is a little nostalgia for you - Airship Stage Music, posted on U Tube by - BrawlBRSTMs3 X.

Ok, here is how I created this one -

  • Pencil

Tron Bonne draw.jpeg

I looked at some game sprites and manga art for inspiration. I love these pixelated Sprites from the game -


  • Digital Pen

Outer line Tron.jpg

First, I drew a think, cartoony line around the pencil art with my Wacom tablet. After that, I painstakingly drew the rest of the line art.

  • Cell Shade Colour

Tron flat.jpg

I used the selection and paint bucket tool on FireAlpaca to fill in the lovely Manga style colours.

  • Shading & Light

Final Tron Bonne jpeg.jpg

Lastly, I created a layer set to screen and painted the shadows. I then used the airbrush to create a bit of shininess.

Hope you enjoyed this one! I don't normally do Anime/Manga art but I really enjoyed this one. I might have to do some more in the near future :)

my logo.jpg


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This picture is great!! good drawing... I liked her as a villain in Megaman Legends series.


What Mega Man game is it exactly?


Tron Bonne is an enemy character from "Megaman 64/Megaman Legends" and "Megaman Legends 2" for Nintendo 64 and Playstation 1 systems. She has interesting personality. Maybe that's why she appears in Capcom crossovers.


Nice! I'll check those out.

Nice work!
Thanks for sharing & Steem On My friend :)

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