Starship Enterprise, Warp Speed - Manga Studio Practice

in art •  6 months ago


Hello again! I'm feeling much more confident with Clip Studio now. I could keep practising but I'm keen to start my illustrated short stories. I'll just learn more techniques as I go along. At least at my current skill, I can deliver colourful and detailed work. It can only get better from here :)

So here we have an Enterprise that looks more like the classic 80's ship from the movies. Kirk's Enterprise :D

LOL! Thanks to Pringlesman for uploading that to Utube.

Thanks for stopping by. I plan to make my next post a full fledged illustrated short story. I'm new at this but feeling very inspired. I'm sure the results will be interesting :) See you then!

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Hello James! I love the space effects of the warp jump! Also the way you use some active lights on the ship /engine, room lights ... the resulting effect is really JUICY!
Nice to catch up with your work ! All the best with the short story man ! looking forward..



Thanks man! I'd love to see you drop some art on Steemit. Catch you later :)

looks great! I installed it but I don't have the confidence to use it yet


Oh just spend some time watching Utube tutorails. I watched a great one on how to cell shade characters.


Yeah now there's not that many excuses you can say to not been able to learn something :)