Illustrated Short Stories for Steemit

in art •  5 months ago

Tales from Agent Smith

Alien worker.jpg

Alien concept drawing

I did mention that I wanted to do a Steemit comic or illustrated story at some stage. Well, I'm finally going to put my money were my mouth is. The plan is to write and illustrate my own short stories. I finally have the awesome Clip Studio Pro (Manga Studio). It's just brilliant for drawing and painting comic style art.

I've got quite a few ideas for Steemit stories already. I'm going to use Clip Studio and Affinity Designer to really bring those to life. It's both exciting and a bit daunting as I've never done this before.

Lunar base pencil.jpg

Moon base concept drawing

I have no idea what the time frame is going to be for these new posts. I'd like to do a couple different ones per week if possible. I guess a lot depends on how well I get along with Clip Studio pro. I'm pretty good at Cell shade art but still a noobie when it comes to digital painting. I did do a bit of digital painting on Photoshop but that was quite a while ago. The art may evolve and grow as I do these illustrated stories. I hope you like the results!

my logo.jpg

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Good luck with this mate sounds like a great idea! I am however slightly concerned that your alien has a JarJarBinksian quality, I trust he/she will be less irritating? :-)


lol! Well he'll certainly have a higher IQ.

Sounds fun, I look forward to it.


Thank you mate. I'm writing the first one now! It's a scifi story and you will see the moon base that I sketched above. Hope you like the final product. I'll try and post in the next day or tow :)