Been out of action...

in art •  5 months ago


Here is a sample of my next illustrated story.

Sadly, I've been absent on Steemit due to a nasty ear infection. I was right in the middle of my next illustrated short story, Song of the Air Whale Part 2 when it got really bad. It's really a pity to leave the follow up so late. I am much better now and will be posting next week. I'm going to visit my family in Wales, UK for a few days. After that, I'll be ready for action :)

Writing an illustrating my own stories has been a blast and I look forward to doing more. See you then!

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Keep Rockin' steem bro..i lost my steemit motivation too...need

I'm so glad you're feeling better. Illness of all kinds can be crippling. I just have a mouth ulcer at the moment and it's driving me a bit batty. Hopefully it clears up by the weekend.

Take care.