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in art •  last year

Joey "CoCo" Diaz is an L.A. Comedian who has almost 400,000 @Twitter followers and I was fortunate enough to get Joey to see my portrait of him when I randomly sent him his Pastel portrait on @Twitter and was surprised as anyone when he liked it and the retweeted the drawing to ALL of his followers and within and hour got 20,000 impressions AND had people from all over the world wanting to get a portrait drawn by me! Here it is.Joey Diaz pastel art portrait by James DeWeaver.jpg
Now I realize that all these people will not be able to get me to do a drawing of them as time would never allow it , but as of now I have a six month waiting period for new works.
As I write this I'm hoping that someone might read this and upvote it as well and maybe even make a comment as you get Steem when you comment, please try to be positive.
If you'd like to see my @art and "Street-wearable" Art just go to my website and buy one of my limited edition Tee Shirts, sweatshirts, mugs etc. http://www.jamesdeweaver.com.au/

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