Art #6 - The Big Boss Double Exposure ( @papa-pepper )

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Good evening friends all of them, do you guys know the man who became my model this time? I think many are familiar. He is a cool botanist from the land of uncle sam. With a long track record in this platform certainly a lot to make a role model. I'm one of them.

Selamat malam teman-teman semuanya, apakah kalian mengenal pria yang jadi model saya kali ini? Kurasa banyak yang mengenal. Dia adalah ahli botani keren dari negeri paman sam. Dengan track record yang panjanh diplatform ini tentu banyak sekali yang menjadikannya panutan. Saya salah satunya.


I really like this guy, really! He is so cool in my opinion. Just look at the style is really amazing. A lot of inspiration arose when looking at photos of him. Finally I collect the material and start editing this cool guy photo.

Saya sangat menyukai pria yang satu ini, sungguh! Dia begitu keren menurut saya. Coba lihat saja gayanya benar-benar luar biasa. Banyak inspirasi muncul ketika melihat foto darinya. Akhirnya saya mengumpulkan bahan dan mulai mengedit foto pria keren ini.



As always for the first step I cleaned the background of this photo first.

Seperti biasanya untuk langkah awal saya membersihkan dulu latar dari foto ini.



Perform the main photo transformation with the material already obtained.

Lakukan transformasi foto utama dengan bahan yang sudah didapat.



In this finishing stage I slightly change the effect of the photo, giving the circle ornament and additional text of the Big Boss username. So the end result looks like this.

Di tahap finishing ini saya sedikit merubah efek foto, memberi ornamen lingkaran dan tambahan teks username sang Big Boss. Maka hasil akhirnya jadi seperti ini.


I hope your all like my works guys.

Kuharap kalian menyukai karya saya teman-teman.

Thank you for reading this post.

Terima kasih sudah membaca postingan ini.

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hahahaha thank you very much @papa-pepper :D

Great job! This design is worth an upvote.

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I think I might put this design on a shirt and start using it to promote you a bit too! Such excellent work!