Watercolor painting: LADY BY THE WATERFALLS

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Hello! I'd like to share a watercolor painting i made, my first watercolor commission.
There are many places in the Philippines with waterfalls and mountains and stuff. Really nice :D


I Am not used to watercolor at all, this was my first try. Im glad it turned out okay! I cant say I can give any tips at all cause I, just new at this.

here are the work in progress photos :)

I just painted directly without sketching base colors, light colors

then I just layered dark tones for depth

Then I used light blue and yellow and green (taupe) for the water and rocks

here I put fleshtone plus a lil yellowgreen and brown.

This is the end result!

I did face problems like
-Build up of the paint since i used powder based watercolor
-creating depth by layering without making the water look black or dark
-i didnt have a white pen or opaque white paint that could totally make the foam or shine realistic or more wet

But atleast now i know.

I am happy with the outcome :D

She was happy to revieve a painting of her , and thats just such a good feeling!joyce2.jpg

hope you enjoyed this post! :D upvote and resteem or simply follow if you like my art :D


a nice artwork of comrades,

Thank you so much :D its nice i think so too :D

great job you did here .keep it up

Thank you so much!!!! :)

a very good first try! Brava :))

mille grazie - hahaha :D

Thank you so much :D i usually draw animals and nature :) glad you like this :D it means a lot to me!