How to crush writers block.

in art •  last year

Writers block.

Have you ever sat in front of your laptop, a blank piece of paper, your musical instrument, or any creative process whatsoever, just to find out that you are completely and helplessly stuck?

It could've happened in the beginning, at the end, halfway through or even immediatly after having a great idea. You're just sitting there wondering what even happened - why or how did your inspiration suddenly vanish?

Then, my friend, I'm sorry to tell you that you're experienced what iscommonly referred to as "writers block", a very common but almost crippling mental "disease" for any kind of creative person... it's like the flu of creativity.

Have no fear though!

There are several steps and tips you can use as a powerful "cure" that can even erradicate it if used correctly.

Nowadays there's a cure for virtually anything and writers block definitely is not one of the exceptions.

How to crush it?

It's very simple.

Allow yourself to write garbage.

Allow yourself to write garbage. Creativity can only flow when we let go of our fear to fail, fear of ridicule, the idea of other people witnessing our creation and relentlessly destroying it with their words and opinions. It terrifies us. Why is that?

I like to think of art as the purest way for us to manifest our true selves, as a consequence, it makes us vulnerable and fragile to other people's opinions and beliefs.

It should not be that way.

We shouldn't let any of these fears get to us, when we do, we set our standards to such a high position there is practically no chance for anything we can possibly do to be above or even meet these expectations. It's good to set a bar and to aspire to create great content, but when we strive for perfection and nothing else all we will achieve is nothing.

Perfection does not exist, and there is no reason for fear to be in the first place, it's not like you're forced to show the world everything you create! If at the end of it, you don't like the results, just toss it away and start over! You will be one step closer to your next masterpiece!

When we allow ourselves to write garbage, we lift the pressure off our shoulders. When we truly relax and immerse ourselves in our work, no matter what the results are, we will be more open to experimentation, we will be more bold in our compositions, we'll write more powerful and emotional lyrics, we will paint more intense paintings. We will dare to be our true self! We will unleash our true style!

"When we allow ourselves to write garbage, we lift the pressure off our shoulders. We allow for us to be our true self."

I hope this article was of help to you! I'm just starting out my blog and I'm eager to keep giving you guys new content! I'm very passionate about art, music and the thought processes behind them! I will be glad to break down even further into this subject and other topics upon request, just let me know what you like and what you didn't on the comments below! Make sure to drop an upvote and follow me here on steemit to be the first to see my new articles!

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