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Beautiful! Great style you have :)

hey HEY i've been looking at all your illustrations and i really love your style and the way you color! consider me a follower :) is it all digital or is there some traditional in there too?


It's more traditional drawing. Most of my drawing's linework and crosshatching are made with pencils and pens. Colors are sometimes digital. This was indeed, but I do color a lot with watercolors.

i'd like to know these two ... the birdymask and his friend <3 i'd like to know them very much amg~ this is so pretty~ i love it! falling, falling, falling together~ and finding! :D

upvotes and resteems


I got inspired from a song called Be There from UNKLE. I actually have a story with these 2...Hopefully I'll be able to expand it.


Oh! I shall find song~ and listen~

Annnnnd I'd like to know this story about these 2, please :D Looking forward to it, Diana!

Also upvoting and resteem. Deserves ;)

you have such a gorgeous style!! gonna follow you!

Just searched and perused #art. I like what I see here. Keep it up.