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Endangered species - Blue whale
Whales are very large animals and the Blue Whale is the largest of all the animals as it is 30 meters long.

Whales have smooth skin and a layer of fat underneath them like thermal clothing. Whales can swim thanks to their caudal fin which is set horizontally. They have no teeth and instead of teeth they have a blade or beard, with which they can filter out plankton or krill.

Blue whales up to 33 meters long and weighing 190 tons have been found, but they are usually 25 meters long. Female blue whales are a little bit larger than males. The Blue Whale, as its name implies, is blue but its belly or belly is greyish or yellowish. This whale is easy to confuse with the Fin whale because it is very similar in shape but different in size and its skin color is dark gray or black.

Ballena I.jpg


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Thank you for this! very nice whale :D