How to Make Anthropomorphic Animals Guide (Furry Style)

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Hello to all lovers of online art and those who wonder why the drawings of these characters are so popular and abundant on the internet, seriously just write furry on google, and see the enormous amount of art about these animals and how they pay for they even have a friend who makes a living drawing with this style ^ _ ^

Animales Antropomorfos - Ingles.png

I was lazy for a few days because of a video game, but I'm back to being productive, (although my work rate slows down considerably, I have to correct that ¬_¬) I am considering doing some drawing exercise goals to speed up my speed. drawing, we must take advantage of these times of confinement because of that devilish virus.

The theme of this guide is about how to draw some beings products of the result of when the animal kingdom and imagination come together, these beings are anthropomorphic animals (although this style of characters is known on the internet as Furry) which are practically a hybrid mixture of a human being and any existing animal of today, we all love and fascinate animals we even have our personal favorites whether it is the wolf, the tiger, the rabbit or any other, that's why it is very common to imagine if these could talk, and what it would be like to see them executing activities exclusive to us human beings, and that is one of the wonders of the drawing that allows us to meet, see and show how these animals identical to us would be, and that they are tremendously popular in the internet, although it is not believed the commissions for drawing these animals are very abundant and high. ^ _ ^

Sketch made in pencil from my guide


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When attributes of human form and appearance are given to any being or object, it is called anthropomorphic and in the drawing where it is more common to see this they are with animals.

Here are some examples of anthropomorphic animals:









As you can see the specifications to draw them, they are the human figure in the body, the large head with a snout drawn in a stylized way and large legs, claws, paws or claws instead of feet.

The Head

The head is drawn slightly larger relative to the body, the same applies to the eyes.


In the muzzle this should cover half of the face, and the length will depend on the species that is drawn, in profile the upper part should slightly protrude from the jaw.

The Facial Expressions

The most difficult thing when drawing an anthropomorphic animal is adapting human facial expressions to the face of a certain animal, the solution is to draw the face in a very cartoonish stylized style, so you must draw with big eyes.




Very large eyebrows are used to further enhance the expression of the face.




When the muzzle is opened, the fangs must always be visible.


Profile expressions should be exaggerated the movement of the jaw, and be careful with the skin folds of the muzzle.



Features to be taken into consideration

When making characters of this type, in general and most recommended is to draw them by carrying out modern human activities, such as socializing, going to the beach or swimming pool, playing sports, shopping, romantic interactions, among others, always with a very jovial attitude.


You should always have a clear idea of the action that our anthropomorphic character will be executing, in this drawing what we wanted to capture is this nice and cute bunny girl enjoying a day at the beach and she is posing for the photo they just took.


When thinking and wanting to apply a hairstyle to them, you should know that the hair is optional with anthropomorphic figures, in women the hairstyles are very varied (if the species allows it, the ears can be part of it) instead of the male no his hair is drawn, only the fur is left.


In clothing, this must be of a very modern style, following a fashion or trend.


When making anthropomorphic birds, the wings are drawn with the same proportion and length of an arm, and the hands are replaced with feathers.

The possibilities of drawing these animals are almost limitless, and more when it comes to the female gender, with which you can be very creative with clothing and accessories.

Technical information:

Digital vector drawing
Program used Adobe Illustrator CC 2015
Full resolution 4724 x 3602px at 300dpi

Spanish version

Animales Antropomorfos.png

Thank you very much for reading my post

I hope you liked my Guide and that it is very useful for you
See you in a future publication


Copyright @inu-jim – All rights reserve


I've never drawn furries, but your guide is so indepth that I might just have to come back to it when I have more time and see if I can do something with it. As you said, there is quite a market for these out there...

Thank you for putting in the work to create the tutorial

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