Where summer meets winter - original art in watercolor and ink, process inside

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Days are getting colder. I love it, cause it mans that now, after a short period of being a sleepy bear I'll feel the most inspired part of the year - autumn. My dog is hiding under my blanket, and the wind sings behind my window.

I love this part of the year, when autumn comes. It brings tea, long scarfs, comfortable sweaters and ability to read all night long listening to the rain.

Today I'd like to show my new artwork, where summer meets winter:

And the process, as usual:

I wish you all the best and will be happy if you'll support me with vote:)

Love, Inber


This is a very creature painting, @inber
Awesome, keep up the great work. :)

You are welcome.

I really love your art excellent ;)

Beautiful picture , good job dear :)

lovely as always @inber the cooler weather and the snuggling in with comfy clothes sounds wonderful

Thank you my dear @sunscape!

wow, so beautiful!!! winter meet summer, fantastic!

Thank you my dear Silvia!:)

great abstract painting!

Great Dear @Inber beautifull colours

I love this, love the difference between Winter and Summer :)

Thank you:) Autumn already came to my city, Astro got an extra blanket today!:)

It will soon be here, I love Autumn the best :)

Its been long since one of your posts popped in my feed, i missed them :)

Strange, I post every day;)

Quedo hermoso

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Very artistic and love the transition

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