Steemit Dragon art - Work in Process

in art •  2 years ago

Hi guys;) 

I finally switched to the dragons, and decided to open the series of dragons drawings with a very special blue Steemit dragon. Kind and good mannered one:)

Here's the work in process, it's still not finished. Why? Cause it's damn hot in the city. I mean it, I mean that hot that I can't use my Cintiq drawing tool normally, cause it heats a lo and I just fear to spoil it already. So I had to switch it off without finishing this art. I promise I'll finish it when the first rain will come and cool this crazy city a bit:)

So, this is how he looks at the moment. Still so much to do. But I fixed some process, as usual:)

See you. guys:) Please fingers crossed for the HUGE rain:)

Thank you for voting and commenting:)

Love, Inber

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nice to see your process- i am also a painter and am now following in support - i posted one of mine tonight too


Followed back and checked your art - awesome one in the last post, but it would be really great to see bigger size:)

I love it! The Steemit on the neck is awesome. Beautiful! I am doing the rain dance for you! Don't forget to enter your cute dog in my Dog Names Contest/Giveaway.


Will check out right now, thank you for the tip:)

Cool dragon. I mean literally :) This cool blue color cool me off to while i am sitting shirtless with windows open. So you can get rain clouds first to cool off you cintiq to finish the painting, and then send them over, i could use some of it here too :)


If I'll have some - I'll definitely share with you:)

Awesome integration of the logo like scales :D
Looking forward to update ^^


Thank you:)I will finish him immediately when it'll get cooler... I just worry for my technique, it melts from the heat:(

I love dragons! Hope the weather cools down do you can finish. Upvoted and followed :)


Thank you so much:) I hope so too:)