My new artwork crab-traveler

in #art4 years ago

Hi, guys!

Today I want to share my new artwork with you. It's a happy crab-traveler:). I think from all my underwater inhabitants series I love this one most. He definitely has character:)

Love, Inber


I love it !! The color to it makes every little detail stuck out so much more

This beautiful. And it looks very interesting. I liked this drawing. All this series of drawings is beautiful, but this one is a little different. Sorry I had days, without visiting your blog I was really missing steemit, because I'm going through quite strong problems, so much so that I did not even have time to redraw. Just today I was able to publish something.

I hope everything will be OK in your life, will wait for your new posts!

Esto es lo que se llama arte mundial verdaderamente mi felicidades.. y mis respetos.

Your creativity is really amazing @inber
You probably started drawing at the age of 3 years😉

No, I was about 24

Well, I can hardly believe that you started drawing at the age of 24 because your Art pieces are too nice
Nonetheless am still your fan though and waiting for the next pieces😄

That looks utterly ridiculous with the eyebrows on the hat and the hat balanced precariously on the eyes. I love it, one of my favourites of your pieces too XD

Thank you:) I meant to place hat like that:)

It's so fantastic XD

I like your style, color, and drawing. The crab's eyes are so real. It seems to me she/he is looking into my eyes.

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