Moon creature - original art in copic markers, process inside:)

in art •  2 years ago 

Hi, guys!

Today I had a productive drawing day, so I would like to share one more picture and process of it's creation:

And the process:

I wish you all the best and will be happy if you'll support me with vote:)

Love, Inber

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This is beautiful! Rabbit is the animal of the Moon.

Thank you!

Great art work but unfortunately it reminds me of watership down! 💯🐒

Ummm..... How?:)

Not sure it looked like a rabbit and going round in a circle like the clip from the film. Not sure just the first thought sorry :) 💯🐒

wow! Inber..!!
You really are fantastic artist..!
One day you will do something big..
wish you all the best..!!

Thank you!:)

You welcome :)
BTW thanks for upvote :)


I thought it was a jackelope for a moment but no something else. It's still really cute! :)


I can't find this word in google "jackelope", would you please explain?:)

Sorry it's "jackalope" I didn't even notice I spelled it wrong, sorry :S A jackalope is a made-up creature from North America, it's basically a jackrabbit with deer antlers :)


Sweet and weird creature :) How should we name it?

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Amazing talent you have.

I always love getting some insight into the process of an artist. A lot of the time the finished work got me wondering how it ended up being the way it is. Thank you, a wonderful little piece.

Thank you!:)

a very creative and sweet drawing .. I have a great technique and I congratulate you for it :)

Very nice work! I like the warm color palette against the cool, dark background. I've only recently gotten back into markers and I'm in love with Copics. I really like seeing what wore practiced artists can do with them.

Great work!

Wow this is very creative @inber! I love the step by step process!

The moon hare. Beautiful picture turned out

Cool image. Thanks for sharing

Thank you for sharing your process. I've been struggling to get that bright graphic look in the art i do just as a hobby and this gave me a lot of insight.