Creative and physical training - both important ;)

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Hi, guys!

In my post yesterday I told that I have some issues with my gym, but today I decided - OK, I will just continue doing as I can and see, where it will lead me. Yet I can't relax and work for, let's say, first five hours and then go to gym, I need it to already be done. Well, may be at the moment it's not really convenient, but I see no other option that wouldn't involve emotional stress for me. So - at the moment it stays as it is.

I go on with my everyday sketching practice. looking for my own style and reminding my hand how to draw. Creative muscles are just like real ones: you train them - they look good and work good., you forget about them - they look like a jellyfish and refuse to do anything. So -training, training, training, in all senses. Here's some sketching, and I must go to the gym:)

See you in the next post!

Love, Inber

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Wow. I can tell you that I continue admire this your sketching for a while, I must say it is something of a beauty of this sketch. It look great

Very true! Practice is everything :)

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