CG study art - wooden cube

in art •  2 months ago

Hi, guys!

I continue my work with material cubes based on my teacher's Angelika artworks. Today I have a special funny wooden cube, and a small creature who's hiding in it. It's interesting that on my teacher's example eyes inside the cube look angry, but no matter how hard I tried I couldn't do the same (reminder - my task is exact copy), so my creature inside the cube looks scared:)

Wait for a tasty cube tomorrow!

Love, Inber

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Wao!!those eyes that appear illuminated, of mystery and at the same time of light and color a good effect I love this novel art, it comes out of something solid and dark what can always mean an opportunityThat opens inside the cube is the mystery and begins the imagination to work, that is shared art, greetings

Woooooooon this is so nice

You really know what to write about your creations. As much as you can express your art visually, you can also express them so well verbally. Congratulations! For this copy!

Keep the spirit, @inber the good things need time :)