Three Indonesian films of romantic genre that I like

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Film is entertainment that is played in the form of a video that is designed as well as possible,this film is much loved by many people of course young people, Film in Indonesia this year is very riveting in me.currently the best-selling film in Indonesia is held by the film Dilan, surely you are no stranger to this film directed by Fajar Bustomi based on the pidi baiq novel. I will mention the films that I like one of them, as I mentioned above

  1. Dilan 1990

The 1990 Dilan film largely tells the love story of Dilan and Milea, a pair of teenagers who are still sitting on the bench of high school (SMA). The love story of Milea and Dilan began in 1990, when Milea moved from Jakarta to Bandung. An unusual introduction then brought Milea to get to know Dilan's uniqueness further. Dilan is a teenager who is described as a badboy, but smart, kind, and romantic. However, he is often considered a rascal because he is active in the famous motorcycle gang in Bandung as a combat commander.

  1. Dilan 1991

The film, adapted from the 1991 novel He Is My Dilemma, by Pidi Baiq, tells the story of the Dara and Milea Asamara relationship after dating. The story of Asamara Dilan and Milea is a true story that happened in the city of Bandung, 1990. The 1991 Dilan film takes a perspective from Milea about the figure of Dilan. In the early dating, Milea experienced many beautiful things with the poet, Dilan. The love story in high school they went through with a lot of romantic things.

  1. Sin

Sin stars Mawar Eva de Jongh as Metta[Text here](Text here) and Bryan Domani as Raga. Both have been brought together in the film Bumi Manusia by Hanung Bramantyo. Metta is a woman who plays a lot. That actually makes Raga (Bryan Domani) hate Metta. Conversely, Metta also wants to prove that there is no good body. The desire to hate each other fails, they instead fall in love with each other. They then undergo a beautiful courtship. But unfortunately it did not last long.

above are the 3 romantic genre films that I like, if you are curious about these three films, just download and watch the video.

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