The Yeti & The Mermaid...the true story of 2 people who needed help & helped each other...Chapter 1

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The Yeti & The Mermaid Series are a pictorial story about 2 people who needed help and helped each other. One was an unemployed unconventional girl who was trying to find her way in the world and the other was a chronically homeless man with brain damage.

Listening... Listens to a Different Tune, 14" x 18" oil & paper mache on panel $390

The mermaid was lost. She had lost her footing long ago... she was trying to find the Ocean. She had walked on dry land for too long and she was thirsty, her feet cut and bleeding. She had lost her way. She had become disoriented from dehydration. In her daze, she thought she had found her partner who lived near the ocean. She mistook a mirage for the Ocean. He was an illusion...the one she thought she saw and now she found herself wandering, wondering, wanting... seeking, searching... and her passage took her away from the Queen City where she had found herself 8 years hence, to her family. She thought they would take care of her. She thought she was going "home".

The mermaid came from "money" originally, or at least from the "appearance" of money and therefore was imbued with an overwhelming sense of entitlement. The real world slapped her in the face like a cold salt water wave. It went up her nose and almost drowned her. It's facade was shiney and eye-catching, but behind the lace curtains - it was total chaos and confusion, and she had "checked out" and into a world of her own where she either dominated or was dominated. She was a bully or she was bullied. She had spent much of her life just clearing her head from that formidable misunderstanding.

She was a late bloomer. The current "stage" she was going through had been set by the economic tsunami of 2008, where she had lost her professorship and had been unemployed and had lost her home and had couch-surfing for 6 years. She had finally gotten moved out of the city and, like a piece of driftwood which had been lodged in a tide pool, she was suddenly in the open sea.

Teaching college freshmen art-kindergarten wasn't really "her thing" anyway so she didn't really care so much about that - it was the desire to find her place that drove her, and the fear of financial insecurity, which made her a constant self-seeker, even when trying to be kind.

She had found that life went best when her pursuits came from the Universe, originally. Unfortunately, it was way late when she made that discovery due to the entitlement-thing - long after she had missed many wonderful opportunities.

The result was - she was as lost as she had always been, but now there were no jobs. She had always been able to get a job - but she was never able to keep them for long. A friend offered to pay for her return to the east. She decided to west. She had a feeling that she was supposed to go.

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