Sigil for a Career Change...

2 months ago
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I need a different job. I work, currently, for Big Box hardware. It sucks. I am an artist, and not a very good business woman, I guess - not sure why, except that I am an artist primarily. I have what could be a fine job for an artist, except that Big Box hardware is a hierarchical, greedfest of dumbed down orderfollowers- bullies and their bitches.
Every 4 months they roll me trying to get me to quit. I am sick of it...but I live on the grid and I need the cash.

I made this Sigil and then I noticed it looked like a Mermaid. I am a mermaid so I decided to create such an image for myself.

I sketched it out... on a piece of cardboard. I like to use cardboard because living in an apartment, it's easy to cut and sculpt with these materials. I don't believe we are going to be around long enough that it's not being "acid free" makes a damn bit of difference...but I do seal it in modpodge and gesso, which neutralizes the acid and makes the material plastic'ed.

I created some relief images - waves, seaweed-like papermache for the border, and the fish jumping out of the water 3D...

I will hang this on my wall, and see how it influences me to find a better line of work. Its not DONE done - I will post it when it is finalized...
Artwork © 2017 Joanna Whitney

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  ·  2 months ago

Good luck in the career change! Great sigil and great art...

  ·  2 months ago

thank you Anton - looking forward to hearing your magick stories...