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in art •  last year

My friend, Charlotte, is in a lot of pain and fear - she worries about the future - she falls into the indoctrination of the Tyranny a lot - she worries about her future because she has no money saved, etc.
I made her a sigil yesterday which basically says "Charlotte has a reliance on God and faith that everything is ok" - I made it at work...

I noticed that the letters look like a butterfly.

Charlotte is so indoctrinated that she has a great fear of the "occult" so if I am going to send her this, I want her to see it as a picture, not necessarily a sigil. I am going to tell her that it is a sigil and exactly what it says, to help her overcome her "fear", but I want it to be a "thing", so she can see the irrationality of her fear and also how the powers that be use symbols to manipulate us without our even knowing.

I added the other sigil that I use a lot lately - this is a healing sigil I made a while back.

I painted it with oil, on a paperbag which I gesso'ed with flat white paint. It's not done - working on it.

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