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I am feeling like I need to participate in the game those in the "know" are playing. I am not going to call them the "elite" or the "illuminati" because they are NOT. They might LIKE to be referred that way but they are SICK - psycopaths - with no care. They are just the one's who have occulted the knowledge that was meant to be for everyone.

As an artist, I have a strong feeling that my gift was not just about drawing and painting things that I feel like drawing and painting. Austin Osmon Spare, artist and warlock, shared my feelings. He too was an artist, but also an occultist. He was perhaps a little more geared toward the dark than I am - I prefer to ask for the will of God for the Highest Good and not mess around in darkness. I personally believe that was the intention to begin with - to use our powers for good.

I think that, (and this is overly simplified) Hermes Trismegistus came to earth several thousand years ago and gave us ALL the principles which govern this planet which are in The Kabalyon:
Mentalism, Correspondence, Polarity, Cause and Effect, Gender, Rhythm, Vibration...

From that developed the many mystery schools in Egypt, and later in Judea, India (Ayurveda & Yoga), China - Chinese Medicine, Native America (Shamanism), Celtic, Africa, around the world...

Some assholes - decided they were smarter than the rest of the "minion" and decided to occult the knowledge, and use it for themselves...the Dark Luciferians of many cultures.

Now things which used to be a part of our lives, are hidden. We are left, at the end of the 25,600 year cycle, with what those people who have the occulted knowledge are selling us.

But No! We can use it too! For ourselves and for the Higher Good of ALL.

Here is a link to a document called Practical Sigil Magic by Austin Osman Spare and re-interpreted by Frater U.D.

I worked on a BUNCH of them last night. I also reviewed Grant Morrison (comic artist and practioner of Magick), and a bunch of youtubes on Sigil Magick.

The Sigil I wrote, that I am sharing with you is "I wish that the People have a Mass Awakening to the Truth"

I followed Spare's suggestion to create an "I wish" Sigil that I can use over and over. Then I did one for "People"
and one for "Mass Awakening" and one for "Truth". I started out following the directions on Sigil Daily's website, went over to Angel Fire and made a few on the Magic Square ...

I slept on it. This morning I woke up and it is definitely in my subconscious and being integrated into the way I scry my drawings. I was able to come up with this Sigil in this circle.

I am going to wait till January 27, the New Moon, to activate this Sigil,- I wish I could do it before the "inauguration) but I am going with the Moon, and Mercury going direct on the 8th, we will be well out of the outgoing shadow by then.

I encourage everyone to try this out for themselves. This is OUR information - for US - the people. It is not to be hidden for negative purposes. (which has the magic square of the planets to create sigils - very cool, but leads into Luciferian Magick, so apply protection)

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Great post. I've been making sigils for decades now and have had some remarkable effects. When I have more time to devote to it I plan on writing about some of these things. In the meantime I'll be following you hoping you post more cool stuff like this.


Really? Do tell!


One of my best and most recent successes as far as physical, provable stuff was that I manifested a brand new car in about 6 months, about a year ago. The exact car I made a sigil about same color and everything and I only had to put out $250. I also manifested my twin flame using a sigil this year... turned out I had known her for a couple years already online and now we're very happy together.


wow very cool -thank you for sharing that....

It's very interesting post!
Thank you for sharing my friend :)


thank you!

Thank you so very much for posting this most interesting piece. I'm with you with regard to waiting for Mercury to clear it's shadow and the fertile energies of the New Moon to plant those positive seeds.

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