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underpainting, oil on paper 17" x 19"

Today, I am beginning my series on MK Ultra mind-control sex slaves and victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse. Originally, I had planned to do oil on canvas for realistic portraits, however, in flipping through a book about portraits, I decided to use a paper bag 

as the toned paper for this first portrait of Cathy O'brien - because #1 the toning of the paperbag is the perfect middle-tone of skintone, and additionally - it's a "throwaway" product - paper bags and cardboard- throwaway products - just like the culture of using children as mind-control sex slaves is throwing them away, trashing their lives - after they have served their purpose to some other "people" who believe that they have the "authority" to use people in this manner - what an enormous violation of Natural Law this is - murder, theft, rape, theft of personal space - and the order-followers involved in making this happen, along with the perpetrators themselves - it's astonishing.

...their lives have been ruined. They are split into multiple personalities to deal with the trauma - they are treated asgarbage - there is no thought of the spark of God within each child born - or the potential that they might be in the world as an expression of the Creator... 

instead people are used as products - 100s of thousands of children every year.... 

Cathy O'brien has written several books about her life which can be found at

I was asking myself the question - why? Why are "we" not caring about the earth? Why are we allowing bees to become extinct? Why is an oil company running a pipeline through Native Land? - and I found this missing link - in the highest levels of government worldwide - the fish rots from the head - we treat our own children in this depraved manner - and the populace ignores it - then of course we would trash the planet, it makes perfect sense.

Later, I have remembered some people close to me in my life who have suffered from Satanic Ritual Abuse - I remember how I secretly thought it was impossible at the time, and now I see things differently. This series is a tribute to them - and it is also the old use of art - to tell the story that the main stream media refuses to tell.

Artwork © 2016 Joanna Whitney

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