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I  made this image using this drawing that I did about Cathy O'brien, who is a victim of MK Ultra programming. The drawing is about a woman trying to find herself through a web of lies and truths. Cathy wrote her life story in a book called Trance-Formation of America, which is also available free on the internet. 

I added the Buttefly Wings behind the drawing of Cathy 

to signify Monarch programming. 

At that same time, I am going to add the fact that Monarch butterflies are going extinct because of pesticides killing milk-weed, because this is a secondary interest of mine: the use of animal images and the complete disregard for the animal. 

Operation Paperclip carries on it's use of the term, and will forever after because of the significance of Monarch butterflies particularly. They migrate together and they pass traits genetically and they have instinct. The colors - orange and black or red and black are satanic colors -

I added this red box behind the image to signify the flattened hypercube of the Dark Luciferians. I am starting a new series about MK Ultra - a tribute to the children that have lived through it and are healing and for the many who have not lived through it and those who are still suffering Satanic Ritual Abuse.

Another good book to read on this topic is The Illuminati Formula to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave  by Fritz Springmeier

Artwork copyright 2016 Joanna Whitney

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All of your articles are very moving. Is this picture for sale?


This is actually a digital picture- so if you are interested in it - you can buy a print of it here - - thank you for asking, and thank you for the complement... other work is available at - thank you for your interest... blessings! Joanna