Speed Art Video: Creating Basketball Illustrations

in art •  2 years ago 

Hello Everyone. Permission I am sharing my vector of works, this is the basketball illustration I made yesterday in my previous post and here I have colored it. The jump of a basketball is the main target in this illustration I am, I managed to make the basketball dang the lines that look like the wind when jumping.


I do not use sketches I just use basketball players to replace sketches, because it can take a long time to design a sketch. Then I turn it into line art as a framework for coloring this illustration.


I made this all using Adobe Illustrator software and following vidio process of designing illustrations

SPEED ART Video Part 1:

SPEED ART Video Part 2:



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really cool design bro! i Like it very much!, you did an excellent job with the combinations of colors and shadows!, very cool!... do you use another program to work with your drawings?, or you recomend AI to work with this particular drawing process?

Thanks a lot Friends, I only use one Ai software

Excellent! Very good you manage with AI, I was thinking to download it and learn how to use it!, the results of the program are really great!! And that make me curious.