More Experiments With Displacement

in #art6 years ago

Color Displacements 8.jpg

Redshift Renderer Displacement Experiments

This scene was done in 3DS Max and is modeled with only basic primitives. In this case, it is the material that is responsible for doing most of the modeling through hight maps that are wrapped around the primitives.

Color Displacements 4jpg.jpg

Color Displacements.jpg


would you say that the shader setup for redshift is faster than lets say vray or octave if you've used those. i'm intrested in it but for now arnold is my go to as i'm a maya user aswell.

Redishift seems to have more intermediate nodes for things like bump and displacement. There are a lot of shader options I think it does take a lot more time if you are trying to perfect things ... that being said the renders are fast.

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