[ART] --> Stargazing Betelgeuse on a Snowy Moonlit Trail - Supernova Edition

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Art Entry for the Steem Creative Curation Contest

The new year is approaching and there's been a lot of
talk regarding a star in the constellation of Orion.

The name of this star is Betelgeuse and even though
it's over 600 LY distant, it's also nearly 900 times larger
than the Sun and this allows it to be the
eleventh brightest star in the night sky.

It's nearing the end of the lifespan for a Red Supergiant
at the very young age of 10 million years with
approximately 100,000 years left before it goes
supernova and creates a spectacle in the sky...

However, lately I've been hearing of some
strange dimming in Betelgeuse's brightness.
I've heard this from a friend and from various news
articles the in the days that followed.

Maybe we will be lucky enough to witness it
happen much earlier, sometime this century
or even, this upcoming decade...

The Art - Finished

Here is the finished piece of art.
I hope it inspires you to go and take a look
at this star tonight, or sometime soon.

Who knows... you may never get to see it like this again!


The Creation Process

Basic starter scene to get my bearings
and initial idea from mind to screen.


Add the moon, and some tree detail for texture to
clear up the plain look.


Add more trees (and their detail with moon glow)
and a trail to the area to indicate people are nearby.


Give the scene a snowy feel to match it up with
the current season. Top it off with some shadows
in the cold light of the moon.


Add in the constellation of Orion. (Betelgeuse is red)

Finally the end result. My imagining of the supernova...
if we ever get to witness such a spectacle.


Thank you for viewing this art creation.



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