Crypto harmonics

in art •  last year

For the last two decades I’ve been making art that have become visual explorations into what I call ‘geometric harmonics’. This body of work could be characterised by order, symmetry, simplicity.

In the last year I’ve started to write code to visualize random and real life data to create rich and chaotic fills for the simple containers produced by my geometric harmonic compositions. These fill elements are characterized by chaos, asymmetry and complexity.

2017 Randomized variation entirely generated from code. SVG and JS 

Since becoming interested in crypto trading, I’m now thinking of ways to use crypto price data to create works that contain the emerging story of the crypto space. Seemit seems to be an ideal community to document this personal creative journey and meet others interested exploring the crossover of art, code and blockchain/crypto technologies.

2016 - Collated compositions of example ‘geometric harmonic’ works produced since 2000

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