Tattoo of a poem by Omar Khayyam on the body of Hollywood Actress, Amber Heard

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Amber Heard, Hollywood star: Loves poetry poet and philosopher Omarhayam
Is an Iranian, and therefore a sentence from Khayyam poetry
I tattoo my body ...

امبر هِرد، ستاره هالیوود: عاشق شعرهای عمرخیام شاعر و فیلسوف
ایرانی هستم و به همین دلیل هم یک بیت از شعرهای خیام رو روی
بدنم تتو کردم...

she says she loves the literature of Iran and the Orient.The poem of Persian poetry, which was carved on the body of Amber Heard, was::

« چون عاقبت ِکار جهان نيستي است/ انگار که نيستی، چو هستی
خوش باش »


Since The Fate Of The World Is Non-existence , Since You Exist , Be Merry


Omar Khayyam (/ˈoʊmɑːr kaɪˈjɑːm/; Persian: عمر خیّام‎‎ [xæjˈjɑːm]; 18 May 1048 – 4 December 1131) was a Persian mathematician, astronomer, and poet.

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khayam is my favorit poet

yes , khayam is big poet