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RE: Another regular hobby: drawing....Handing out the portrait

in #art3 years ago

Yeah. You should definitely keep showing your drawings, you have a real talent for it! It's amazing. How long did it take you to draw your friend portrait?


About two hours.
Do you think this is long?

I think it's amazingly short to manage such a perfect drawing! Congrats!

Thank you, when you draw every day a few such things come out quickly.
Can i ask you? :)
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Why? Do you want this energy? :(
I'm here mainly to earn and maintain my blog, so I'm wondering why you sell your SP?

Sorry, I don't understand your question. What do you mean I sell my SP? When one upvotes someone else, my SP stays the same. You don't seem to understand how it works, so here you can have some clues:
have a good weekend!!!

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